Summer is here and it’s time for the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival!

Here are our top picks —  Fringe shows by some of our favourite Raconteurs storytellers!



After a sold-out run at the 2015 Toronto Fringe, storyteller/comedian Rhiannon Archer is back with the sequel to her critically acclaimed solo show – Life Records2: Side B! Originally written and preformed while pregnant with her first child, Archer is energized with more stories, laughs, and “Fingers Crossed” less baby, making this truly a “solo” show!

Life Records is a comical, heartwarming and honest solo show about the songs that make their way into our lives and become the “soundtrack” to our memories. This eclectic show is filled with true stories and the songs that bring them to life. From poetic revenge for a bully to accidental fraud- laugh, cry, and reminisce with more classic hits from a silly life.

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After an unfortunate (some would say ‘cursed’) run at the Toronto Fringe in 2013 that included not being in the program (due to being a late addition), and losing a performance (due to the great flood of 2013), Sam Mullins (This American Life, The Moth) is THRILLED to be finally bringing back his Canadian-Comedy-Award-Winning show “Weaksauce” for another kick at the Toronto Fringe can.

Weaksauce is the story of the summer Sam turned 16 — and it was a real summer of firsts: First time away from home, first summer job, first love, first love triangle, first sexual experience, first fist fight with a primate… y’know. Regular becoming-a-man type stuff.

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 In this solo comedy, long-time virgin turned sex-fiend, James Gangl, struggles to give his awkward teenage nephew a sex talk he never asked for and will never forget. Gangl digs into his own sexual miseducation to make the case for more honest discourse about intercourse.

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Operation SUNshine is a solo dark comedy and mostly true story about the time I rescued 179 women from the basement of my childhood home.

From 1988-1991, ‘Wild’ Bill, Jennifer’s dad’s former boarder, covered the walls and ceiling of the dank basement bathroom with SUNshine Girls, models who posed for the tabloid newspaper the Toronto SUN. When Bill moved out, he left the SUNshine Girls behind and they remained trapped until she released them 25 years after he first hung them.

Operation SUNshine is the theatrical recreation of her experience removing the SUNshine Girls from the wall. The pictures come to life and the SUNshine Girl characters challenge the narrator’s relationship to the objectified woman. At times grim, acerbic and provocative, Operation SUNshine appeals to history and media buffs as well as Toronto nostalgia adherents.

Get tickets and see showtimes here or RSVP for the Facebook event!

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