In October 2016, Raconteurs Storytelling conducted a community survey to determine who our audience is and how we can better or best to serve them.

We received 58 replies; the data we received is compiled for readability into this report. For the most part, we relied on write-in answers so that our audience could be as specific as they felt comfortable. No question was required, others accepted multiple answers.

You can view or download a PDF with the survey results here: Raconteurs Community Survey Results
All personal identifying data (names, email address) have been deleted and are no longer on file.

If you missed the survey period but still want to give feedback, we want to hear from you! Send an email to !


Making the show better, of course!

An attendee commented that ticketing fees were too high, meaning an $8 advance ticket ended up being only 25 cents cheaper than $10 at the door. So — we switched to Universe, who have offered us nonprofit pricing and waived $1 of their ticketing fee, so advance tickets now cost almost $1 less!

50% of respondents requested workshops for storytellersso we’re offering one! Our first Raconteurs Storytelling workshop will be held on March 11th. You can sign up here.

Several of you responded that you’d like to see guest hosts — so we’re having guest hosts! Rhiannon Archer will be hosting on March 8th, and we’ll feature many more guest hosts throughout the year!

Almost 90% of you told us that $10 was a fair price for our shows, but there are still some that can’t afford it. We believe storytelling should be accessible to anyone regardless of their circumstances! Our YouTube channel has videos from almost ALL past events, so you can hear the stories if you weren’t able to attend. And for those who want to attend a live show but can’t afford the cover, as of April we are offering 5-10 FREE COMMUNITY TICKETS to each event! These tickets will be available on our ticketing page a first-come first-served basis.

Several people have asked if we accept donations. While we are THRILLED and GRATEFUL that you want to support us, we do not accept donations at this time. Purchasing tickets to our events, and participating in our workshops is the BEST way to ensure we can continue our work to make this a city of stories!

We’re often asked, do we pay storytellers? The answer is YES! All storytellers will receive an honorarium for their performance. Proceeds from ticket sales and other Raconteurs activities funds our organization — we pay our Executive Director, as well as video, audio, and door staff.

For more information about Raconteurs, you can email us at and keep an eye on this blog for more news and updates about who we are, what we’re doing, and how to get involved!

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